Spotless are Liverpool’s professional cleaners to help with insects

Liverpool professional cleaners to help with insects in Summe

Say bye to bugs! Cleaning tips to keep them out in the summer!

Summer is one of the best times of year, for many different reasons; barbecues, long nights with a cold cocktail, lighter mornings and no need for a big coat – it’s a refreshing change from the winter.  However, the warmer months bring with them more bugs, and you may be thinking about bringing in professional cleaners to help with insects.

There are many hints and tips we can offer to keep the bugs at bay, but there is no better team than us professional cleaners to help with insects, we can keep them out and make sure that they stay out.

We are the go to Liverpool cleaners for summer, and we will let you in on a few of our tried and tested secrets to really keep those little critters out of your home!

What bugs invade the home during the summer?

There are a few different types of bugs that come into your home during the summer, and the best way that you can avoid them altogether is to take part in some expert home cleaning to avoid insects. Avoidance is better than cure, and the most common bugs that come into your home during the summer season include:

Ants – Once they’re in, they can get everywhere, and they are an absolute pain to contain. They love warm, damp places, which makes behind your washer/dryer a fun place for them to live in the summer.

Bees and Wasps – Buzzy little pests that drive you insane with anxiety that you are going to be their next meal! They love sweet stuff and will fly in and struggle to get out because well, they’re bees and wasps and don’t understand the concept of doors and windows.

Flies – The worst creatures to invade your home during the summer – flies will land everywhere, swarm around your kitchen and make a beeline for your house when you have the barbecue on and they want to get away from the smoke. They are covered in germs and need to be eradicated.

Spiders – Summer is spider season, and whilst many may be scared of spiders, as professional cleaners to help with insects, we recommend that you make the spider your new best friend, as they will leave you in peace but help to get rid of all the other creepy crawly nasties that you don’t want in your home!

How can you get rid of the bugs?

Switch up your cleaning and adopt a seasonal cleaning regime! As the season changes, so should your cleaning regime, and the only way you can get rid of the bugs is to adapt your normal routine to suit.

Whether the ants are causing you angst, the wasps are weaving about and the flies are landing on everything in sight, it’s this simple: don’t let flies fly around your home, whack the wasps and annihilate the ants!

Ants – Seal up the points of entry into your home and leave some cinnamon, cloves or dried peppermint at the entry points to repel the ants. There are many things that repel these bugs, but by using the above, you will also get a nice smell in your home!

Bees and wasps – Bees and wasps are a really important part of how our ecosystem works, so getting rid of them isn’t necessarily the best thing to do. Keep them outside, but not in your home. Look for some non-toxic repellents or even hang a fake nest outside your home; bees and wasps won’t go near another nest, so this could keep them out.

Try and light some citronella candles if you’re dining outside to keep them from flying around your table.

Flies – The only way to keep flies from your home is to keep your house clean. They love dirt and anything that is rotting, so take out your rubbish, disinfect your units and install a fly net over your back door.

Like we said, we are the Liverpool cleaners for summer and if you take our tips on board you can have a bug free summer!
Your house may be a bit messier than you can handle so why not call a professional, get in touch with Spotless for some expert home cleaning to avoid insects! You can also head over to our Facebook page to read our testimonials from our happy customers who are living bug free!