Ensure to Keep your Windows Clean says the Best House Cleaners Liverpool

When I’m cleaning windows – keep your windows clean at your business says the best house cleaners Liverpool!

Bet that song will be stuck in your head all day now! Whilst typically our primary service is working as the best house cleaners Liverpool, we also offer commercial window cleaning in Liverpool and can’t stress enough the importance of having clean windows at your business!

Whether we think it’s shallow or not – first impressions and appearances do count, so your business environment should be a good reflection on your business as whole

Keep it clean, tidy, and basically looking like you care.

By nature we are a cleaners in Liverpool, so turning up to a job looking like we have slept in a skip for 4 weeks and hardly equipped to do the job at hand will only make us look silly. We try to cover every little detail when we are facing clients, and you should do the same.

Your windows are part of this! Image is everything!

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ‘t’ – the first thing the client sees

When a client enters your business premises, the first that they see is your windows – whether it be looking at a display, or simply walking through your front door.

Think about it – if you’ve got a window display up, but it’s viewed through dirty panes, what’s the point?

“Look at this Mavis, they’ve got lovely scarves in this window, if you train your eyes to see past the fingerprints and muck, you can really see the pattern on them!”

Get the picture? They need to stay clean or your shop will end up looking like the poor relation…

Clean environment, clean mind!

It’s an old one, but a good one – having a clean environment helps with having a clean mind, and we don’t just mean for you!

You staff want to come to work in a nice environment – it boosts morale and productivity and keeps them chirpy! Because nobody wants miserable customer facing staff…

Having a bright, shiny and clean work atmosphere makes your business a more pleasant place to work, and not somewhere that your staff will dread going every morning.

Better light

Dirty windows will restrict the light that comes through the windows – end of!

If you’re a company that is selling merchandise, how are you gonna make the customer see it in its best possible light if er…it’s just not?

You need to maximize the light that gets into your business so that all your stock can be seen properly by the customer – there is nothing worse than having bad lighting as it will make viewing your products harder for the customer.

As commercial window cleaners in Liverpool, we can’t tell you enough just how much of a difference properly cleaned windows make to bad lighting!


That’s right – the ‘p’ word – professionalism.

Look like you don’t care about your business by pulling up the shutters every day and showing off your grubby windows?

Guess what?

You’re sending out the biggest “I’m not bothered, and probably a little bit unprofessional” vibe – ever!


If you have a business, it should be your pride and joy, your everything and one of the main concentrations in your life. Don’t let the finer details slip; if you look after these little things, customers will presume that your approach to business is immaculate and be confident when investing in you.
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