goalsfootball.co.uk logoGoals contacted us after a fire caused a lot of smoke damage in the office, bar and reception area of their south Liverpool 5-aside centre. The manager asked if we could carry out the smoke damage cleaning ASAP as it was a unsafe working environment. The smoke damage cleaning was in preparation for the painters to carry out a restoration.

We visited the premises the same day to asses what work was needed.After a detailed assessment and discussions with the manager the following work was completed.

  • Dry wipe walls, ceilings and work desks to remove loose soot
  • Clean walls, ceilings and work desks with heavy duty specialised cleaning product
  • Each ceiling panel was removed individually, cleaned then put back in place
  • use a odour neutraliser to eliminate the strong fire smoke smell
  • Clean all fabric and carpets in the bar and reception area (this was carried out by eco steam clean)
  • Wipe down all walls, floors, and bar area using specialist odour neutraliser
  • A final sparkle clean off all surfaces on the last day


The manager was very happy with the cleaning work and especially happy that we could complete the work so quickly and minimise disruption to the business.