How to Keep Flies out of your home

Flies out -

Buzz off! Keep bugs at bay in the summer!

Although we are coming to the end of our summer, the warm nights are still fueled with beer and barbecues under the lighter skies – there is one thing that completely ruins this romantic ideal that everybody looks forward to in the middle of the year…

No, not the rain that always manages to throw a dampener onto your summer fun…


They aren’t called bugs for nothing, because there is quite literally nothing that bugs us more than a bug buzzing around our heads! We are experts in domestic cleaning in Liverpool, but we are no David Attenborough and our solutions won’t rid you of bugs without your input! 

Whether it be inside or out, it’s like they are on a one bug mission to cause some form of mental breakdown in people who can’t get that annoying ‘bzzzzzzzz’ out of their heads, and are showing no signs of it letting up until summer 2076.

Put that on top of waving your hands around like a lunatic in a really bad attempt to swat the pest that is harassing you, and it’s safe to say, they will get on your very last nerve until winter comes back and we have different things to moan about…

Stop an army of insects pitching up home and trying to make a brew in your house by following our simple steps to keep the flies out, and enjoy the end of your summer, bug free!


No, you’re not making them pasta… or pizza… or salad…

Basil is a natural deterrent against flies and by planting it in your garden and having a few pots on your windowsill in your kitchen, you will notice a clear difference in just how many have been on your case.

UV traps

Get on your UV clubbing paint if you want, but you we can’t guarantee you won’t look a bit mad! UV traps are great for going on a murderous mission to kill those pesky flies as they draw in the buzzy nightmares and zap them upon impact.


We think it smells nice – they think it smells horrible – it’s a total win/win situation! Light up a candle indoors and watch the bugs within a few metre radius head over to your neighbours and cause them grief instead of you.

Repellent Sprays

You can buy cheap insect repellent sprays that will keep the bugs at bay, including those wasps that strike the fear of God into even the biggest of men. Sprays start at about £1 and are completely effective.

Keep your food covered

Spilling sugary drinks is like a magnet to bees and wasps, who will fly their way onto the sugar and drink up like it’s the first sugary treat they have ever managed to discover. By keeping your food covered and wiping up sugary spills, you will be able to eat outside in peace.

Keep clean

If you are more Wayne and Waynetta, than Aggie and Kim, then guess what? You’re going to get more bugs. A simple clean throughout your house works wonders and is one of the best ways to deter flies and other pests. Think about it – flies are like vampires for bad food, bad smells, and pretty much anything that makes your nose turn up! Keep it clean and the bin juice sucking terrors will stay away!

Good job we know some brilliant domestic cleaners who can help you out if you need a hand… cough, cough!


In short: flies hate cucumber. Put it around the perimeter of your house to keep them out, on bins, on your head…


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