Self-Cleaning Ovens: Do they need Cleaning? One of the Most Reputable Cleaning Companies in Liverpool says Yes

As One of The Most Reliable Cleaning Companies in Liverpool we have had our Fair Share of Oven Cleaning

As one of the most used cleaning companies in Liverpool, we come up against ovens on a weekly basis, with just about every single brand, type and color all tackled by our lean, mean, oven cleaning machines.

By that, we mean our team.

We speak with all of our clients and one of the questions we find ourselves facing on a regular basis is:

“I have a self-cleaning oven, does it need cleaning?”

In short – yes. End of blog.

Just kidding! They may well come with the title of a self-cleaning oven, but trust us, they don’t sprout arms in the middle of the night and start scrubbing their own shelves – this all needs doing the proper way; with elbow grease!

Oven cleaning in Liverpool

We have cleaned many a dirty self-cleaning oven in Liverpool and can tell you from experience – without that bit of something extra to get away the grime – it’ll stay there!

So why are they called self-cleaning if they’re not?

Basically, they are specially constructed in order to turn grime into ash that can be brushed away after being reduced to cinders by high temperatures.

Self-cleaning ovens are coated with a special type of enamel that repels dirt and copes with the extreme temperatures that the oven needs in order to be ‘self-cleaning’.

So, to a degree, a hot one (get it?!), they do have a modicum of self-clean, albeit not the most thorough one.

The ovens themselves come with a pyrolytic coating inside, which is the special type of enamel. It is this that burns off all of the food and debris without using chemicals.

The bits that they miss

  • Door glass

The heat doesn’t manage to shift the discoloration caused by cooked food after it has stuck to the glass of the oven door

  • Shelves

Yup, you know that self-cleaning oven that you thought would save you the job of scrubbing your oven shelves.

It won’t – you’ll still need to give it a bit of welly to remove the residue of the overflowed shepherd’s pie that you cooked about 6 months ago.

  • Behind coverings

Your fans are generally covered within your oven, and again, the self-clean aspect doesn’t quite reach behind the coverings.

Technical glitches

  • Temperature

Most self-cleaning ovens don’t get to the temperature that they need to in order to carry out an effective clean.

So, you know that temperature that needed to be touched to clean your grimy oven?

It’s not gonna happen…

  • Trapped heat

Causes popped fuses and can damage internal electrical components of the oven.

In short…your minty oven will stay minty if you don’t dig out the marigolds or get in a reputable cleaning company in Liverpool. (That’s us by the way…)

Stop faffing about thinking your oven is boss and will do all the hard work so you don’t have to – it’s not  Mr. Muscle and sometimes you just need to call upon some oven cleaning in Liverpool…

A few hints to keep your oven clean when you have a busy lifestyle

It seems to be a Liverpool thing that so many people get a cleaner out, but half tidy up before we come…

If you want to keep your oven as clean as you can, then get us out to do your big clean, here are a few hints to stay on top of it:

1)   Always remove debris in the oven with a damp cloth after every use
2)   Use soapy water on a sponge to wipe down shelves
3)   Try to de-grease the glass door before the grease discolors the glass and there’s no going back!
4)   A quick wipe down once every couple of weeks will stop the grime build up becoming too much

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