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Expert spring cleaning services in Liverpool

It’s time to get clean as the seasons change

As the title suggests, we’re here to offer you our spring cleaning services but we thought we’d also do something a bit different today and pass on a few of our best spring cleaning tips as well.

That’s right, even if you choose not to use us to spring clean your home we want to thank you for giving us your time by providing you with the benefit of our experience anyway.

Our top spring cleaning tips

So you want to spring clean your home.

It’s something that comes to mind for all of us this time of year, as the sun streams through the windows for the first time in months and highlights all that dust we hadn’t noticed!

TIP #1 Cleaning the windows.

When you spring clean your home the windows are a great place to start.

Add a squeeze of lemon juice or vinegar to the water, to cut through grease and finish by buzzing them with newspaper to make them shine.

TIP #2 Clean from top to bottom.

There’s no point cleaning the floors first. If you start at the bottom then, as you work your way up, every bit of dust from everywhere else is going to land on your nice clean floor.

By the time you get to those dusty top corners of the room the floor will be dirty again.

Our spring cleaning services are always top to bottom (there’s a reason why that’s a saying!).

To maximise your efforts, make sure yours are too.

TIP #3 You don’t always need harsh chemical cleaners.

Bicarbonate soda mixed with natural castile soap, or with washing up liquid makes a great abrasive cleaner that will help to rid baths and kitchen worktops of stains without the bleach.

So why use professional spring cleaning services?

We can give you all the spring cleaning tips in our tool kit but that doesn’t mean you’ll magically find the time to use them!

If you’re busy in work 5 days a week then you probably want to spend your down time with your family, or doing the things you love to do and we’re sure you want a nice clean home to return to at the end of each day as well.

Most homes don’t need a deep clean every week or two but by investing in a seasonal deep clean you can make the in between cleans more manageable.

Right now people are booking our spring cleaning services to make sure that all of their window and door frames are washed, their appliances pulled out and cleaned behind and the place is truly spotless throughout, without them having to waste a weekend on the job themselves.
If that sounds good to you give us a call. Our spring cleaning services probably cost a lot less than you think.