Now is always a good time for a deep house cleaning

deep house cleaning services in Liverpool

The Spotless team are ready to clean

Before discussing our deep house cleaning services have a think about this one…

Ever clean your home and feel as though you’re just surface cleaning? As though, if you had the time, you’d ditch the cloth you’re using and go at it full tilt with a scrubbing brush and some bleach but instead you have a million other things to do, so you’ll make do with wiping round?

It’s a familiar scenario for many householders.

If it rings true for you, you could really benefit from our deep house cleaning services.

In spring we want to come out of hibernation mode and get outside.

We want our homes to reflect that open, fresh springtime feeling as well.

A professional deep house cleaning gives you the opportunity to have all the jobs that you rarely get round to taken care of for you.

You will notice the difference particularly at this time of year, as the sun streams through windows that likely haven’t been cleaned all winter, into a room where the windows have been closed for months, causing dust to build.

Let us get your home summer ready – you concentrate on making holiday plans.

What is entailed in a deep house cleaning?

Deep house cleaning services from Spotless Cleaners Liverpool will see your home reset to ‘sparkling’, so that the next time you get a chance to dust or wipe round you’ll simply be washing away a thin build up of dust from an otherwise spotless surface.

It’s a nice feeling.

When you book a deep house cleaning with us we will do everything from cleaning inside your kitchen cupboards to washing your windows and frames and from descaling the shower head and toilet to scrubbing the floors.

Book our deep house cleaning services and you could come home from work one day to a practically unrecognisable family home.

For a full list of what is entailed visit the deep house cleaning page under the domestic services tab in the menu of our website but keep in mind that the exact services we perform for you will depend on what you need from us.

We can discuss that when we make arrangements with you.

Deep house cleaning services prices

When it comes to any house cleaning services, prices vary quite a lot depending on the size and requirements of your home.

There is no average family home but we can often get the job done inside 3 hours, with two cleaners on the job.

For that length of time the price is £135. Of course your job may take more or less time.

If you are interested in our deep house cleaning services the best thing to do is contact us.
We will be happy to provide you with a quotation.