Emergency commercial cleaning services case study

Our professional cleaning services at Goals Liverpool

Professional cleaning services when they are needed most

Goals is a South Liverpool five-a-side football centre. When a fire caused a lot of smoke damage to their reception area, office and bar they look around for commercial cleaning companies able to step in at short notice to counteract some of the effects.

A member of our Spotless Cleaners team called out on the day we were contacted and we were able to carry out a professional cleaning services job right away.

Providing professional cleaning services for Liverpool

We are known by many people for the professional cleaning services we provide to private homes throughout Merseyside but we are equally experienced when it comes to commercial cleaning services.

In the case of Goals, our experience was of key importance. Commercial cleaning companies often require different skills to those working in the home.

Here we were asked to work in what had been deemed an unsafe working environment for other service providers, undertaking a smoke damage cleaning in preparation for the restoration.

Details of the professional cleaning services carried out

When called, we were on site almost immediately and the manager expressed gratitude for the speed of our response. We:

  1. Dry wiped then cleaned the walls, ceilings and desks using a specialist, heavy duty cleaning product
  2. Removed, cleaned and replaced every ceiling panel
  3. Eradicated the smell of smoke with an odour neutraliser
  4. Applied odour neutraliser to the desks, walls, floors and bar
  5. Steam cleaned all of the carpets and fabrics
  6. Then gave one last sparkle clean

We were able to provide thorough professional cleaning services like these at short notice because we have a large, experienced team of cleaners working in the local area.

We only work in Liverpool, so we are always on hand when we’re needed. We are also used to the specific requirements that commercial cleaning services bring.

We can work on insurance jobs and with or, in the case of this job, in preparation for other contractors, taking their timings and requirements into consideration.

We are now pleased to count Goals as a very happy customer.