Back to school house cleaning!

House cleaning Liverpool

In need of cleaning services in Liverpool?

Now your little whirlwinds are once again vacating the premises on a regular basis, you have the opportunity to get the place ship shape again. If you’d like a little assistance, our house cleaning services are here for you.

Deep house cleaning services

Perhaps you usually don’t mind staying on told of the household jobs but six weeks with the kids at home has put you behind. If that’s the case and you just want a short, sharp blast of house cleaning help then our deep cleaning service could be just what you need.

Book a deep clean and you could all come home at the end of the day to find the place sparkling. We’ll pull out and clean behind all of the appliances, we’ll bring every surface in your bathroom and kitchen up a treat and we’ll even clean inside the kitchen cupboards.

In one visit your post-summer-holiday home will be back to its usual self.

Regular cleaning services in Liverpool

Alternatively, if you feel that you and your family could benefit from regular support in the area of house cleaning then you may choose to opt for weekly house cleaning visits.

We support lots of busy families by providing regular cleaning services in Liverpool homes, calling in while everyone is at home and at school, so that you can all get home at the end of a busy day to a clean house.

Perhaps that taking time off work over the summer allowed you to do a deep clean and notice all of those nooks and crannies that have been neglected in the day to day course of a busy life. If that’s the case, get in touch.

We will be happy to help you maintain your new, spotless home now that you’re back at work.

Why choose us for your cleaning services in Liverpool?

A happy, hard working, family run team, Spotless Cleaners Liverpool is an independent, local business here to help. We can be relied upon to treat your home with the utmost respect and, importantly, we love to clean.

Remember that advert from the 1980s about the cleaning product that ‘loves the jobs you hate’? That’s us! So don’t burden yourself with house cleaning.

Hand it over to us and everybody wins!