Book a one off cleaning service for summer holiday season

A Liverpool one off cleaning service

Get clean this summer

For many people, booking a summer holiday and searching for ‘house cleaning services near me’ go hand in hand. Everybody likes to come home from their hols to a clean house but few people really enjoy actually cleaning the house.

Funny that isn’t it?

The great thing is that cleaning houses is what we love to do AND we’re good at it.

Whether or not you want us to come round every week to keep on top of things, if you’re jetting off in the next couple of months why not take the opportunity to book us for a one off cleaning service, so you can be as happy to get home as you were to get away?

One off cleaning service from Spotless Cleaners Liverpool

Based in Liverpool or the surrounding areas? Then your search for ‘house cleaning services near me’ probably brought you here. We are the leading domestic and commercial cleaning company for the local area and we provide two main services to householders:

  • Deep cleaning / one off cleaning service
  • Regular house cleaning visits

Our one off cleaning service is the one most regularly booked by holiday goers. It sees us come round and really give the place a deep clean.

While you’re packing and tying up the loose ends that inevitably need to be tied before you disappear for a couple of weeks in the sun, we’ll be pulling out the washing machine, polishing the skirting boards and, in short, doing all of those jobs that very few people get round to doing very often at all.

You don’t book a one off cleaning from Spotless Cleaners simply because you haven’t got time to run the vacuum round the place.

Well, you could but if that’s your motivation you are going to be incredibly presently surprised by the results! Most people book our one off cleaning service because they’ve started to sense the accumulation of all the jobs that they never get round to needing to be done.

Maybe the windows need washing and the door frames are grubby. Perhaps you can’t remember the last time you cleaned the oven (we’re not judging – you’re not alone!).

Whatever it is that’s niggling you, wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that you could come home from your holiday to have had the job magically done?

We’re not quite magic but you might feel as though we are!

Book our one off cleaning service and we’ll make sure it’s a pleasure to return home. As soon as we learn how to arrange good weather for your return we’ll be able to do it all!

Heading off in the next month or two? Contact us now for a one off cleaning quotation.