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House Cleaning Services in Liverpool

From surface cleans to deep cleans

Spotless Cleaners Liverpool is, above all, a professional house cleaning company. We tackle properties in every state – from the well preserved but slightly sticky family home in need of a regular wipe, to recently vacated properties that aren’t for the faint-hearted. Today we’re going to shine a spotlight on one of the most popular in our repertoire of house cleaning services – the deep clean.

House cleaning services: the deep clean

For those times when you want a professional house cleaning company to scrub the oven and wipe behind the sofa we offer you, the deep clean.

There are so many things to do in life that few people choose to spend much of their time cleaning out the kitchen cupboards of scrubbing behind the white goods. In fact, even (and perhaps especially) if you are the house proud sort who keeps the place looking fabulous at all times, it can be beneficial, at intervals, to book a professional house cleaning company to give the place a once over.

Our deep cleaning package offers everything that we include in our lighter home cleans – so we’ll do the dusting, clean the bathroom and wash the kitchen surfaces, those are all standard aspects of professional house cleaning.

We’ll empty the bins, clean your light switches and even buff your metal fixings to a shine – those things are included in our lighter package as well. When we go deep, we’ll also descale the shower and toilet, clean inside and behind the white goods and clean the shelves of your kitchen cupboards, as well.

Take a look on our deep cleaning page in the ‘domestic’ section of our site to see a full range of what a deep clean offers and for an idea of a ballpark price. Keep in mind though that deep cleaning can require very different amounts of work from one property to another.

We meet even the biggest challenges we are offered, however, and love to transform a living space into somewhere comfortable to be.

Our other house cleaning services

What level of professional house cleaning do you need? If you need assistance on an ongoing basis it may be that we begin with a deep clean or, the next level down in terms of our packages, a sparkle clean. Week to week you may then invite us to call in to provide a surface clean.

Perhaps you’d just like to engage us once a season to offer a deep clean, then take care of things yourself in between.

Whatever you need, our house cleaning services are here for you.