Fire, burglary and other insurance cleaning

Post-burglary house cleaning services

House cleaning services when you need them most

Even if you never use house cleaning services at any other time, if you have suffered a flood, fire burglary or any other event that has disrupted your home, that is the time to call on our support. We are an incredibly experienced, considerate, family run team based locally here in Liverpool. We know that any property in need of burglary, flood or fire damage cleaning is likely home to a family that is feeling shaken and vulnerable. We will do our very best to help you feel comfortable in your home again.

Insurance cleaning

There are many instances when the cost of our professional house cleaning services could be covered by your home insurance company. So if you are facing a clean up following some form of damage or disruption to your family life then do look into it. You don’t have to attempt a big clean up job yourself.

Even if your bill isn’t covered by insurance, or you decide that you’d rather not pay the excess, our rates are very reasonable. It can be a lot nicer, when you’ve been through something traumatic, to simply leave us to it and come back to a clean, restored space that you can relax in. If you already need to claim on insurance for other things then you have nothing to lose by investigating the option of having the clean up job paid for as well. We often work on insurance cleaning jobs, so can support you with any quotes and other paperwork you might need.

Fire damage cleaning

Fire damage cleaning is an area of specialism in itself. It isn’t easy to get the smell of fire out of a building and we can’t promise to eradicate it totally, or to completely right your space to the way it was before if it was badly damaged but there are certainly some professional tricks that we employ during the course of our house cleaning services that can make a surprising level of difference.

We could even help you to get back into your home more quickly, following a fire, so do contact us if this is an area where you need some help.

The benefits of professional house cleaning services

At any time, employing professional house cleaning services can feel like a nice bit of luxury or support. We take a job off your plate when you’re busy. We make your home look shiny and smell sweet, while you’re out working and doing everything else that life demands.

If you and your home have been through something horrible – large or small – that bit of support can feel even better. Not to mention, that it could be paid for by that insurance policy you’ve been spending money on for years. So if you need our support with a clean up let us know – you deserve a helping hand.