Why hire professionals for hard floor cleaning jobs?

Expert hard floor cleaning

The experts who know how to clean

Hard floor cleaning can be precisely that – hard.

It’s true that hard floors, made from wood, laminates and tiles, are easier to keep clean day to day than carpets, which attract and trap dust and grime.

However, if hard floors tarnish, scuff or stain, getting them back to the way they were can be all the more difficult.

In fact, it can be all but impossible to do without a bit of knowhow and the correct floor cleaning products.

Here we’ll discuss a few of the main types of hard floors, how to tackle hard floor cleaning yourself and when to call in the professionals.

Hard floor cleaning; Laminate floors

Laminate flooring can be amongst the most hard wearing and the easiest to wipe clean.

Even without specialist floor cleaning products laminate floors will wipe clean nine times out of ten.

So what of the tenth time?

Well, there are some substances that will stain laminate and there are types of laminate that will gather dirt over time, making it look grubby.

If you’ve tried your usual cleaning route and your floor just isn’t looking as spotless as it should, it’s time to call on our laminate floor cleaning services.

One of the biggest things that will lead to the need for cleaning your laminate floor is scuffs from shoes with black soles.

Actually, often these stains will lift if you scrub hard enough or if you apply a bit of cooking oil and rub with a cloth.

Not every time though.

If you need us for this or any type of hard floor cleaning we can be booked for a one off job and the chances are we’ll have your floor looking as good as new, in some cases saving you the need to redecorate.

Cleaning wooden floors

Wooden floors can be more tricky.

They certainly mark, stain and dent more easily than laminate.

Everything from walking in high heels to moving furniture can lead to the need to draft in professional hard floor cleaning services.

There are floor cleaning products that you can buy yourself and use to buff your wooden floors.

These can even work on some minor stains.

However, if you’re lucky enough to have real wood floors then we do recommend that you engage specialist hard floor cleaning services from time to time, in order to maintain them.

Cleaning tiled floors

The maintenance required to clean a tiled floor depends entirely on the tile material and the grout used.

The area of most tiled floors most susceptible to collecting dirt is the grout and once this starts to dull, specialist cleaning products used by a hard floor cleaning company really are the only way to restore it.

We recommend that before you have a tile floor laid you look into the material of the tiles you plan to use and find out how easy they are to keep clean.
This can be a hard wearing, very easy to clean option but like all types of flooring it’s important to know the correct cleaning requirements, including when to book professional assistance.