Add to Your Estate Agent Services with House Cleaning from Spotless Cleaners

Giving estate agent services that Spotless touch

The Reason You’ll Sell the House!

Spotless Cleaners Liverpool offers residential cleaning services and commercial cleaning services. Where the two come together is when we work for estate agent services, cleaning up homes at the beginning and end of tenancies or taking a property that is on the market and giving it a bit of TLC, to allow prospective buyers to really see its full potential.

Cleaning and Estate Agency Services Go Hand in Hand

We’ve all seen those television shows encouraging sellers to de-clutter and smarten up their homes before putting them on the market.

Giving a prospective buyer every opportunity to see exactly how a property could look if they got their hands on it is an important part of making a sale but sometimes sellers just can’t see the wood for the trees when it comes to their own space.

If you have a seller that is open to making changes and has a property in need of a bit of attention, our residential cleaning services could be all that’s needed to breathe new life into the place.

Alternatively, perhaps you have acquired a number of properties that have stood empty for a period of time, gathering dust.

We know you are quite capable of getting in there yourselves with a duster but surely that falls outside the scope of estate agent services.

You have enough on your plate.

Let us do what we do best.

Pick the properties on your books that you feel are in need of our residential cleaning services, give us a day and time that is convenient for you and we will make those properties sparkle.

Add Professional Cleaning to Your List of Estate Agent Services

We like to develop a relationship with our estate agency clients and get to the point where they feel confident to add professional residential cleaning services and/or professional commercial cleaning services to their list of estate agency services, safe in the knowledge that we can be relied upon to do a great job, in their name, for their clients.

We handle everything from residential cleaning services at student digs to commercial cleaning services on building sites, so there is no job too big for Spotless Cleaners.

Estate agency services all over Liverpool are using Spotless Cleaners to add value to their offering by cleaning up when tenants leave – in order to make properties easier to let – and before tenants move in – because a happy tenant is a good tenant.

We’re sure that the estate agency services you offer are many and varied, so let us take the pressure off by helping you to present properties that are as spotless as they can be.