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Handling communal area cleaning in the summer months

The requirements of communal area cleaning in busy commercial spaces can change from one season to the next. Whereas winter will see muddy boots and even bikes taken through your space, leaving behind them a need to clean the floor on a very regular basis, summer create stuffy rooms and, let’s face it, in the UK every season comes with plenty of wet umbrellas!

So, how do you keep on top of your communal cleaning in Liverpool, business owners?

Communal area cleaning contracts

Here at Spotless Cleaners Liverpool we are contracted to co lots of communal area cleaning across Liverpool. We work in private homes, as well as in lots of different commercial spaces, so there is barely an hour of the day when at least one or two of our team aren’t out and about making someone’s space spotless.

That means that we’re able to work around you.

We plan communal area cleaning contracts in consultation with our customers. If your shop closes at 5pm, we can arrange to be with you at 5:15pm every day, every week, or simply as often as you need us, at the perfect time of day to suit you.

If your space is open 24/7 that’s fine too. We undertake some communal area cleaning in Liverpool for public spaces that are never empty and we simply work discreetly, professionally and politely, with minimal disruption to services. Plus, our entire cleaning staff is DBS checked, so you can be confident in having us on your premises.

Make a good first impression

If you are still unsure of whether to hire a professional for your communal area cleaning then ask yourself one simple question – if you walked into your business for the first time right now, what would be your first impression of the space? How about if you walked in first thing in the morning, last thing at night or towards the end of the week or the month?

Can you confidently say that your business premises is giving every potential customer or service user that crosses your threshold the best first impression at all times?

Spotless Cleaners Liverpool provides communal cleaning in Liverpool for businesses that want to give the best first impression at all times.